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One year with the PEN International Women's Manifesto

November 29, 2018 in The Dissident Blog

The PEN International Women's Manifesto is now a year old. It has during this year been circulated round the world. The important message has been welcomed by literature and publishing circles and has so far been translated into 28 world languages. Author Tanja Tuma from the Slovenian PEN asked her PEN colleagues round the world: What does the women's manifesto mean to you personally, to your country and to the world? Here are the answers.

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Heading for the fall – Darwinism as the rule of economic life

May 2016 in Four Freedom Publishing

When does an individual rebel against the machinery of a criminal killing regime like the Nazi, the Fascist, the Communist or any other totalitarian regime based on terror? A seventeen year old girl offered an answer, “One rebels against the killing when life in general is more precious than my own life.” The opinion of this young girl sent me on a personal quest. What person would find other lives more important than his or her personal existence? What is the basis of our life?Economic growth is the basis for all government decisions. We are told this in every possible way, every day. And yet, although it may appear to be a paradox, growth might lead to the end of humanity. Why?

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With First Female President, PEN International looks to the Future

November 12, 2015 in Europe

This year the annual PEN International congress, the 81st in a row, was held in Québec under the motto "translation=creation=freedom." The delegates, coming from more than 150 PEN centers around the world, supported The Quebec Declaration on Literary Translation and Translators. During the congress, the Mexican-American writer, Jennifer Clement, was elected as the first female president of PEN International, as John Ralston Saul stepped down. Her most recent novel, Prayers For the Stolen, has been widely acclaimed. We asked about her vision for PEN over her six year term entails.

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